DOE Lighting Standards Activity Heats Up

Did you know that the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Appliance and Equipment Standards Program was busy the past couple months. They published three new documents relating to fluorescent lamp ballasts, integrated LED lamps, and ceiling fans. Let’s take a quick look at two of them, and what they might mean for the lighting industry: […]

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4 Reasons to Stay in Touch with Top-Performing Former Employees

There are some company officials and hiring managers that subscribe to the theory that if a top performer accepts a job offer from another company (especially a competitor), then that former employee is to be “shunned” for their perceived lack of loyalty. That is a short-sighted theory in today’s employment marketplace. Let’s start with the […]

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The New Trend Of Pathogen-Killing Lighting

LED lighting seems capable of just about anything these days. I’ve been noticing more LED lighting with the added function of killing germs. Here are two of my favorites: The Indigo-Clean From Kenall Manufacturing This pathogen-killing light fixture was developed at the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland, and the technology was licensed to Kenall, with […]

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ENERGY STAR Luminaires V2.0 Spec Will Radically Change The Residential Fixture Market

        Beginning this month, manufacturers can now begin qualifying medium-based fixtures shipped with ENERGY STAR certified lamps, as an ENERGY STAR-certified fixture.  This has never been the case in the nearly two decades that the program has been running.  The fixture program had always promoted pin-based fluorescent and LED fixtures that prevented […]

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How to Hire Top Talent

    Why the Candidate Experience is Everything When Hiring Top Talent There are some things that happen during the hiring process that companies cannot control in their quest to secure the top talent in the industry. However, there are also things that companies have 100% control over, and one of those things is the […]

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Compensation to Motivate Employees and Candidates

  4 Types of Extra Compensation to Motivate Employees and Candidates A competitive compensation structure is a crucial part not only of a company’s retention program, but also of its recruiting and hiring process. Simply put, companies want to retain their best employees and they want to attract and hire the best candidates available in […]

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Create a Great Attitude for Your Job and Career

It doesn’t matter if your goal is success at your current employer or success in your career overall—or both—your attitude is very important to attaining both. Your attitude affects a wide range of things, from the quality of your work to the way in which you’re perceived by your co-workers.  In addition, your attitude has […]

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