Contracting Services

In order to meet the various needs of client companies to the fullest extent possible, Neil Goldman & Associates also offers contract staffing services.  Through our association with Top Echelon Contracting, our clients don’t have to bother with the administrative details and employee paperwork associated with a contract hire.

Top Echelon Contracting becomes the employer, taking care of issues such as legal contracts, timesheet collection, payroll processing and funding, tax withholding, benefits, workers’ compensation coverage, invoicing, collection of accounts receivables, background checks, etc.

Contract staffing is an attractive option to companies for a number of reasons:

  • Contractors provide immediate availability because it’s a quick hiring process.
  • Contractors can complete special projects or provide specialized skills.
  • Contractors are great resources during peak workload periods.
  • Contractors offer flexibility to match staffing demands.
  • Contractors give companies the ability to “try before they buy” when considering a direct hire.

And contrary to what you might think, there is no shortage of candidates who would like to work on a contract basis.  Below are some reasons why many candidates prefer contract positions:

  • Contractors like the option to be selective in what they do and where they work.
  • Contractors like the challenging assignments associated with contract employment.
  • Contractors are paid for every hour that they work.

Neil Goldman & Associates can help you address any staffing situation you may have, from direct hire to contracting to temp-to-hire.  For more information about any of our services, please contact us at (914) 953-7126 or at